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GE - Akshaya Patra

CSR Initiative Film

Creative Direction

Shot in multiple locations in Gujarat and delivered within a very short deadline, this film has been a very useful tool for GE to showcase how it gives back to the community.

Alstom MELPL

CSR Film

Creative Direction

Along with providing employment opportunities to the locals in Madhepura, Bihar, Alstom was actively involved in improving the community at large. This film was made to showcase its various efforts on that front. 

GE Healthcare - SHS - Oncology Care

Brand + Documentary

Creative Direction

The SHS division of GE Healthcare is constantly striving to innovate and provide the best technological solution to detect and diagnose Cancer at an affordable and sustainable method. This film was shot in Madurai, Tamil Nadu with the entire script, location, and character changing on the day of the shoot. Even with all the challenges, we delivered a film that was raw, humble, and in a documentary fashion that helped SHS to show the world how it really can touch people's lives.

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