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Brand Films

3M India

Brand Films

Creative Direction

Brand films for internal and external usage for 3M India.

Société Générale

Brand Film

Creative Direction

A brand film for Société Générale India showcasing their strength and capacity to their customers as well as their internal stakeholders.

GE Multi Modal Facility, Pune

Facility Film

Creative Direction

GE MMF - Pune is one of the technologically advanced and unique manufacturing facility in the country. We have had the privilege of doing projects for the facility from the very beginning of its establishment and one of the key projects was a 10 min long facility highlights video. 

Due to non-disclosure restrictions, I will not be able to share the long format video. But the one on the left is a shorter version of the same published on their social media pages.

[24] + Hilton

Customer Service Film

Creative Direction

[24] approached us to create a film on how it operates and provides flawless customer service to Hilton Hotel's guests. 


MELPL - Project Capsules

Creative Direction

One of the longest film project I have worked on with multiple deliverables over a period of a year. The film crew traveled and shot various stages of the MELPL project from the very beginning. The shoot was a very challenging one with stringent timelines and adhoc requirements coming in every month.