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Motion Graphics


Brand Introduction Film

Creative Direction

A brand film that focusses on their USP and what they deliver to their customers in a motion graphic format.

DuPont - Winning Mantra

Internal Report as a video

Creative Direction

A division of DuPont wanted to showcase their winning mantra which was a key aspect to achieve their goal in an effective and in a shorter format than a report. So, we created a motion graphic video, which was engaging and worked the way they wanted it.  

GE + Mahindra Electric

Product Explainer Film

Creative Direction

Mahindra Electric and GE were working on the wireless charging device for its electric cars and wanted an explainer video to showcase the features and the potential of the product. 

VMware + Diageo

Explainer Video

Creative Direction

A product and service explainer video for VMware - made specifically for Diageo.

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