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Rebranding & Digital

Creative Direction

To increase brand presence, business conversion, customer engagement and further Symmetrics’ position as an employer of choice, we created a well designed brand campaign developing and establishing the core USP of the brand, showcasing the talent pool, the many perks of working at Symmetrics, and more. The campaign included several mandates such as a thorough website overhaul, refreshed company presentations, and several social media campaigns.

Bacardi - Dewars

Product Branding & Marketing

Creative Direction

We were tasked with overhauling Dewar’s retail outlets at airports across India and the Middle East as part of their Onam promotions. The design team took cues not only from the brand book, but also from the product itself in order to create a visually stunning and engaging retail space design. In addition, we also designed premium packaging for the product – with an intent to create a ‘special edition’ pack for the festive season.


Campaign Design | Instore Branding |
POS design


Internal Communication

Creative Direction

Our work for 24/7 was heavily influenced by the nature of its workforce, most of whom are young graduates who work in shifts. In this context, communication depends more on how information is being presented, not just what information is being said.

Which is why, we focused on creatives that are catchy without being loud, and emphasising both copy and design.


Internal Communication Retainer

3M Car Care

Marketing & Communication Design

Creative Direction

The brief for 3M Car Care came with an added expectation of nudging people to buy their products. To do so, we described the technical aspects without dumbing it down or adding excessive information.

From a copy standpoint, we had to draw analogies to car driving, mention the benefit clearly, and research what others in the same industry were doing. As for design, we not only had to depict the working of cars in some instances, we also had to adhere to the elaborate style guidelines of 3M.

Posters | Tent Cards | Sales Videos | Emailers | Emailers for Dealership | Hoardings | Social Media Creatives

DFSC Campaign

DFSC is a product from 3M Car Care which cleans the engine of diesel cars. The challenge was to describe the product benefits without making it look complicated or straying from the brand guidelines. Through clear copy and thoughtful design, we were able to check both boxes.

Social Media Creatives

To increase the customer base for 3M and driving them to avail their services and products by engagement on various social media and digital platforms, we created an overall digital plan to connect to their existing audience and also create a new audience base.

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