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The V Festival

Event & Experience

Creative Direction

VMware used to celebrate it's Annual Employee Family day and wanted us conceptualize it in a different way. My team and I at STIR created a democratic musical extravaganza’ - an event of the people, by the people, for the people. While the music concert would engage the youth in attendance, we had to design equally engaging activities for the other age groups, and hence we brought in ‘a carnival’ into the picture. Thus, Vfestival was born.


Internal Sales Motivation Campaign

Creative Direction

This was a campaign for VMware was to motivate its Sales team for the target of $101m. Through regular reminders, different touch points, and fresh concepts, our communications made for inspirational and interesting reading.

R&D Expo

Launch & Expo - CEO, VMware

Creative Direction

Like any company using tech to make cutting-edge products, VMware places a premium on ideas and ownership. Thus, it created InCube, a space that encouraged employees to think like entrepreneurs and breed similar traits. We came up with the concept of ‘Think. Talk. Tinker.’ that was then extended into several branding elements across the workplace.

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